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Patient Reviews

Judith Borger
Judith Borger
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Dr Alcarez is so good at what she does. She really listens to give you your ideal results. I can’t wait to get my RFMN with her to address the wrinkles under my eyes. Her new space is beautiful and state of the art. Highly recommend for excellent service and results in Manhattan!
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Taryn Rose, MD
Taryn Rose, MD
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My glowing and tight skin was from @aesthetemedspa. I’m obsessed now. Thank you @aesthetemedspa and @dr.alcareznyc for my beautiful glowing skin. No Botox, no filter. If you are in NYC check out this Medspa.
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It was the best facial combined with the best treatment I had so far on my skin. My face felt 10 years younger. Dr. Alcarez and her entire team at Aesthete Medspa handled it fantastically. It was a great experience. I'll certainly come back and recommend this to everybody.
Audrey M.
Audrey M.
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Hi!!! You beat me to my text. Girl it’s amazing!!!
Best I ever gotten. I have been bragging to Eric how great it looks and I will be back when ready again.
Thank you so much for your magic touch!
Helloe Camacho
Helloe Camacho
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The amount of treatments that they service under one roof is what makes this place stand out from the rest of them. Very clean and classy.
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Morpheus8 + PRP

(PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma)

Dr. Kathryn Alcarez, D.O. explains the benefits of our groundbreaking noninvasive skin tightening and resurfacing microneedling with radiofrequency energy called Morpheus8 followed by PRP FACIAL (Platelet Rich Plasma).
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Morpheus8 and PRP Facial explained by Dr. Alcarez
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